Should You Take a Selfie While Brushing Your Teeth


Take a Picture of Yourself — ?

A recent study in India indicates that taking a picture of yourself brushing could have a positive effect on your dental care.

In the study, researchers examined whether taking a smart phone video selfie might help people learn to brush their teeth in a more effective manner.

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“Well, can it help? Short answer: Maybe. Longer answer: It’s complicated, too.”

One concept within the study was that better dental care comes when changes to your daily habits happen — using a cell phone to document your toothbrushing could help to affect change.

These changes may suggest that participants were trying to create a new habit, trying to change their behavior, almost as if, while taking the selfie, someone was watching them.

The thought was that by using selfies, participants were more self-conscious about changing their ingrained toothbrushing approach and so may have been better able to “override” their habitual way of brushing. Also, the participants may have had more fun or been more curious about doing a sometimes mundane task.

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We found this to be an interesting article and a interesting perspective on the positive attributes of taking a selfie.

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